Legacy Cometh!

Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer

My friends and family, I couldn’t be more excited to announce to you that Legacy has now entered the mastering phase! This is where we’ve mixed everything, we’re done with the songs, and now we hand them off to the people who sweeten up everything with those last finishing touches, and then make sure that all songs have a consistent volume across each other, so that you’re not constantly turning up and down the volume between tracks. Today, I sent it off, and now I wait to see the CD’s arrive in my hands.

I am SO excited! These 17 songs are from my heart to yours. This CD is for my family. My wife. My kids. My Lord. It’s a tribute to thirty years in music.

Legacy is slated for digital release on April 16th, and hard copies will be available starting on April 26th. Both are important dates in my history. I believe this was all in God’s plan, and I love Him for it.

Along with that, I’ve resurrected four previous albums whose copies had run out. Arriving next week and the week following are new copies of my redesigned “Servant” debut CD, my “SonicLogos” CD, my “The Collection” CD, and the most recent release prior to Legacy: Captive.”

Pre-ordering has begun! You can visit my ordering page and place a pre-order today for Legacy or any of my previous CD’s. Visit that link and enter RGBUNDLE, and you can add or remove anything you don’t want from your shopping cart. You can also grab my music online through Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc.. Look for those links at the bottom of each page on the website.

Thank you so much for your support! As a reminder, the proceeds from Legacy are going to support my church and World Relief Ministry.

This has been a journey of great joy. Thank you from my heart for journeying with me along my Legacy. My heart is full. 🙂


Ryan Graves

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    • Thank you Kate! I’m beyond excited. I can’t wait for people to hear these songs…they’re REALLY good! I had some great people behind me, and I’m truly grateful. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

    • NATE!! You are the man! I miss you my friend. Looking forward to seeing you at the birthday party. Thank you for the encouragement!


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