The "Human" CD Release Concert on 10.20.23:

"Human" CD Release Concert scheduled for Friday, October 20th at 7pm at Family Life Community Church in Federal Way.  See you there!

End of Summer Celebration at South Lakeshore Christian Church on 8.26.23:

I had the FREAKING TIME OF MY LIFE today performing with these guys! Thank you Paul Racey, Jonathan Larson, Josiah Toole, Joe Monzon and Jeffrey Gutterud! You guys ROCKED THE HOUSE! I am so thrilled to know you and to share the stage with you for such meaningful material, and I pray God just opens the doors for us to get out there more and wear those black sweatbands. 🙂 SUCH utter professionalism and fun today. Many blessings on you, brothers! Our whole family had a great time. Thank you to South Lakeshore Christian Church and Michael Olive for the invite! And thank you to all who came. My heart is full. ❤️  If you want to keep up to date on our upcoming concerts, please subscribe at the blog!

The Captive CD Release Concert on June 6, 2010:

The "Captive" CD Release Concert was AMAZING!!!!

It was a massive Christian rock concert celebrating freedom, held in the Seattle area (Bothell) at Northlake Christian Church at 7pm on 6.5.10.

It was my extreme privilege and joy to partner with Johanna Chase and Zach Trandum, Seattle-native artists bringing awesome flavors of deep soul and poetic rock!  They are absolutely unique and talented friends of mine, delicious in their songwriting and passionate in their presentation.

This was an "arena-style" concert with huge lighting and sound rigs. Check out our vendors!

We performed every song from Captive as well as some flashbacks to the past, from my first and second albums, Servant and Life.  As my style is comprised mainly of derivatives of primary influences such as Michael Jackson and Alanis Morissette, everyone (I'm sure) beheld an interesting mix of physicality and vocal expression.  I elected not to moonwalk, however.

For my band, I performed with Paul Racey on guitars and programming, Christine Morrow on keys and piano, Marc Miller on bass, Jeff Brumley on keys & guitar, and Carl Martin on drums.  ALL uber-professionals that I am SO humbled to work with and looking forward to future concerts together, God willing.  It was a BLAST!!!

Concert produced by PaulYester Productions and executive produced by IstariMedia LLC.  DVD produced by IstariMedia LLC.  Now available as a digital download.

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Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer


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