The “Captive” CD

The Captive CD, released in May 2010, is one of the most experiential, full-length and emotional CD's you'll ever listen to. I believe in giving people the bang for their buck, and along with that a full, rich storyline that comprises the whole spectrum of human emotion. I don't like to compromise the message out of perceived norms and industry standards; therefore the songs take the length they need to in order to tell their story. In short, it is a near-80-minute (the maximum for a CD) odyssey of human emotion in praise to a loving and redemptive Savior. It is a 12-page full-color foldout loaded with pictures, inspiring writings, lyrics, and the like - the whole shebang.

Unlike my debut CD, Servant, which I retrospectively consider somewhat "preachy" (though diminished in no way in sincerity and artistic expression), this album is much more honest, forthright and candid. That was pop; this is rock. I'm extremely proud of it, and overflowingly grateful for it.

This journey was fraught with failings, misery, joy, and victory - everything along the spectrum of human emotion and life. From the beginning, I perhaps unfairly labeled my previous commercial release as "bubble-gummy Christian tripe" by comparison.  True, it was CCM at its core, but it was very eclectic and full of heart.  And on some measure, it was a commercial success in the Christian realm.  But Captive is very different!  It's got the teeth that its predecessor lacked, save perhaps in "Judas" and "Wake."

It is real, honest, vulnerable and true: a "grown-up J.R." at last.  It is full of maturity.

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Check out videos from the 2010 "Captive" CD Release Concert: