The “Angst” CD

Angst is my 5th compilation of works, released in 2004.

Poetry and journaling have always held tremendous meaning for my life and my works. Not just for the love of simple rhyme and meter, but for prose, for deep exploration and meaningful artistic expression of the musings within. Check out my previous work, Glimmerings.

I have always found poetry and journaling to be incredibly cathartic: setting down in print the random rumblings always bouncing around violently inside my cranium. There's something so immeasurably fulfilling of getting it all out and expressing it, and then poring over in print what you've just laid down.  In fact, since Brennan was about 2 months old in May of 2016, I've kept a journal for my boys nearly every single day of their lives: recording something about their day, their week, their month, their life.  I want them to know how utterly important they are to me, and to this world.

Much like music, poetry and journaling have the ability to transport you away from this plain and set you down somewhere in deep reminiscence or rumination.

I hope you enjoy these as much in the listening as I did in the writing. some are brooding, some are lighthearted: all are me. even the grandiose epic of "Ode to Tolkien." It's all part of me.  Though I am no Janine Graves -my beautiful bride- in terms of poetic mastery, I have done my level best.

May these bless you. Most of these come from a journey of deep introspection and angst. Thus the title.  Just as a little update: I've emerged stronger since writing them. But sometimes one needs to delve deep into dark vats of "why" before one can resurface in the "knowing."

That's what this album is all about. Enjoy.

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