Ryan Graves

Christian ∙ Singer ∙ Lyricist ∙ Poet ∙ Producer ∙ Author

The "Human" CD.  In this modern age of AI, it's very...human. Order now!

Who the heck is Ryan Graves?

Well... sort of a male... Christian... Alanis Morissette.  *checks notes*  Yeah that's it.

I started my musical career as a Seattle-area Christian rock and pop singer in 1993, and officially retired from performing in 2023.

I spent the better part of 1995 through 2001 touring the Seattle-area, performing, and presenting my debut CD Servant, which was composed of 10 original songs and 1 cover tune, along with my sophomore CD-in-the-works Life. I came roaring back in 2010 with Captive, and again in 2022, which saw me releasing two new albums in 2023. First, I released Legacy: a collection of 17 of my greatest works of all times, 3 of which were newly recorded.  And most recently, I released Human: a self-produced breakthrough album for me containing 9 brand new songs and 2 re-recordings.

My music is very eclectic, with clear influences from the likes of Alanis Morissette, Eric Champion, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Brandon Lake, Imagine Dragons, Gavin DeGraw, Rebecca St. James, Stryper, PFR and so many more. I'm a rock, pop, and spoken word artist with music that is peppy, fun, and sometimes campy, but always honest and vulnerable. I primarily sing about the human condition, and the rescue that we have in Jesus Christ.

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Ryan and Janine in 2011

On March 10th, 2012, I married the love of my life, Janine Marie Wilson.  My life is forever changed, our family is complete with two beautiful kiddos, and I cannot praise God enough.  I am forever grateful, and give thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ for every blessing...and for redemption.  Joel 2:25

Click here to watch the most romantic marriage proposal ever!  I know. Shameless.

Graves Family 2023