The “Glimmerings” CD

Glimmerings* was a side project that Tony Jacobson helped me produce, setting my years-old poems to music and thoughtful reflections.  While it was not professionally recorded in a studio, and exists now only in preserved low-fi cassette recordings digitized to mp3's, it's a special project.

Glimmerings was something of a fundraiser for me at the time, because I needed a second project in order to drum up funds for my budding non-profit 501(c)-3 ministry, and I didn't have material ready in song form yet for what would eventually become the Life album.  So this was an artistic venture that saw some incredible work by Tony J to flesh out background songs and scores for my poems, to bring them to life.

While some of the works are fairly silly, many are deep and poignant, and represent styles that would later contribute to projects like Angst. I'm still very proud of them!  One of my favorites was a lengthy song called Slipping Down to the Dreamworld.  It was all so very amazing.

During this period of my ministry, I idolized the late Christian performer David Shelton, and this was my attempt to create something similar in spoken style: poetic, captivating, and intriguing to listen to.

Thank you, Tony, for helping bring this project to life.


Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer


*Sorry - no longer available for sale.