The “Servant” CD

This is it!  This is where it allllllllllll started, back in 1995, singing and performing hits produced by Tony Jacobson of Woodinville WA.  Tony produced 12 fantastic hits for me, and that pretty much launched my Christian rock and pop singing career, through the CD known as Servant.

In short order, I began to sing and perform, in particular, Carry Your Cross, Season In Season Out, t, and Judas at various concerts, school assemblies and chapels,  I was even featured on several Seattle and Pacific NW Radio stations and got to open up for the likes of David Shelton (RIP) and Aaron∙Jeoffrey!  It was nothing short of amazing.

Servant is a highly eclectic mix of songs that all stand out from one another.  There's rock, there's Babyface pop, there's musical theater, there's goofy interludes, there's power ballads, there's toe-tapping songs you'll want to drive to, and more.  To this day, I am SO grateful for Tony's leadership, incredible musical prowess, diversity of talent, and dedication.  The only sad part is that looking back, I'm now painfully aware that I didn't pay him enough.  Someday I hope we can reconnect and I can rectify that.  He gave me a dream, and very sacrificially at that.

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Original CD cover as it was in 1997.
Check out videos from the 1997 "Servant" CD Release Party & Concert: