The “Captive” Concert

It wasn't just a concert. It was a visual feast of freedom.

PLEASE NOTE: All supplies of the DVD set have been exhausted.  Copies are still available as digital downloads.


It had peaks and valleys. It was about a journey of two friends through an intrinsically personal project that was close to the heart of both. It was about partnership, co-laboring in the long defeat, and reveling in an ultimate celebration of "mission accomplished." Spanning nearly 2 years, Captive is the collaborative effort of myself and my partner in musical crime, Paul Racey, with whom I shared the stage nearly 100 times from 1995 through 2000. Reunited in 2003, we kept in close contact and began working on another solo album for me in Seattle in the fall of 2008.

The long process culminated in a deeply honest, transparent, and a very human biographical collection of 15 heartfelt works, released May 18th, 2010, and followed shortly thereafter by the June 5th 2010 concert. This DVD set (now available as a digital download!) features the entire 80-minute CD performed. It included several rare, behind-the-scenes glimpses into the production of both the Captive CD as well as the mammoth production that was the CD Release Christian rock Concert in the Seattle area.

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:: Included below are a few segments from the performances ::


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