The “Coveralls” CD

Coveralls* is my latest release following Legacy.  What can I say?  I got so into designing new CD's that I had to resurrect ALL of my old materials.

Coveralls encompasses all of my main karaoke-style hits over the years, including songs from Third Eye Blind, Alanis Morissette, Three Doors Down, Daniel Bedingfield, The Winans, Al Denson, Truth, and more.  There's even a song sung completely in Italian.  They give a much fuller picture of my maturity in music, and my journey towards becoming a pro.

As they're all cover tunes, I felt Coveralls would be a fitting title, and in no small part graced on the cover by a man who isn't even me (since these songs aren't mine): just a happy guy in coveralls doing his thing.  That is, after all, me.  Minus the coveralls of course.

Enjoy some of my earliest performances!

This CD ships FREE with all purchases of any CD, while supplies last.


Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer


*Sorry - not available for sale.