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It’s here! Well…kind of. Legacy is now available across all major streaming platforms, available for inclusion into your existing library, or for purchase. You can find Legacy on Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Amazon Music (almost there).

To say I’m THRILLED would be a gross understatement! You will fall in love with the song “Fly”, a sweet and tender ballad that I wrote for my boys. You’ll bounce to “Enough For Me”: a declaration of Christ’s sufficiency. You’ll rock out to “To Know You”: a rock tune expressing my yearning to know Jesus more. I want to thank you in advance for your purchase: this release means the world to me, and it took a long time, and a lengthy and interesting journey, to get here.

And the Legacy CD’s are on their way! I’m making the hard copies available for release starting 4/26/23. You can pre-order now with a discount code! If you’re more of a “hold it in your hand” kind of person, you’ll want to grab this CD full of 17 awesome tunes. They are truly my legacy. I used to sing a lot better than I am able now. That comes with age – and smoking, which I used to do, grrrr! – but in this CD spanning 30 years of music, you’ll hear all kinds of tunes that I wrote and had produced. But – you can also enjoy them NOW by visiting those links above and adding Legacy to your library. I hope you enjoy them!

In addition, you will find on my Discography page a bunch of CD’s that I’ve resurrected, along with digital HD versions of the 2010 “Captive” concert. You’ll find Servant, Captive, Angst, SonicLogos, and The Collection! These are all available in hard copy form. You can buy a bundle of CD’s to be shipped to you, along with the digital 2-part “Captive” concert series.

Again, hard copies of “Legacy” sold will benefit my church and a local charity, World Relief.

Thank you for your support and belief. I mean it. This was a venture and a half, and I’m so proud to present my life’s musical works to you. THANK YOU for reading this and for your support.

Stay tuned for news of a possible concert. 🙂

To Know You (Excerpt):

Fly (Excerpt):

Enough For Me (Excerpt):



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