Month: March 2023

March 10th, 2023 (2)

The artwork for the CD has been designed in full, and you won’t believe it when you see it. It’s gorgeous, broad, wonderful, comprehensive, and full of legacy! I can’t wait for you to lay your eyes – and ears! – on it. ONWARD! March 25th will be here before we all know it, and […]

March 10th, 2023 (1)

It’s our 11th wedding anniversary today! THIS IS LEGACY. Thank you, Janine Marie, my beautiful bride, for being my legacy, part of it, and all of it. I love you so much. As you beautifully coined so many years ago, “Everything in the past has led to now, and I’m in love with now.” What […]

March 9th, 2023

Welcome to the brand new website! I had a fairly dated website up until…yesterday! For years I had designed in frames through – gulp – Microsoft Frontpage (don’t judge me!), and that is now a no-no according to Google, and, well, everybody. It wasn’t mobile-compliant, it wasn’t SEO-friendly. It was cool-looking, to be sure, but […]

March 8th, 2023

Anticipation is building.  Like…in a huge way.  Huge.  This CD… revisiting all of these songs… all together in one single package.. .new artwork… designed by DiscMakers… produced by two different artists… mixing and remastering the originals… planning a concert… listening… listening… listening… looking forward to that day when those CD’s arrive all shrink-wrapped and they’re […]