March 8th, 2023

Anticipation is building.  Like…in a huge way.  Huge.  This CD… revisiting all of these songs… all together in one single package.. .new artwork… designed by DiscMakers… produced by two different artists… mixing and remastering the originals… planning a concert… listening… listening… listening… looking forward to that day when those CD’s arrive all shrink-wrapped and they’re beautiful and I get to disseminate them once again.  There’s something fundamentally and intrinsically rewarding to hold that finished product in my hands, and to reflect upon the journey.  Unlike previous journeys however, that may have taken only a few months or a year at best to sculpt, produce, record, mix, master… this one is a journey that started in 1993 when I penned “Oh My Father” in the bathtub of my Renton apartment.  That’s 30 years ago.  So this CD is effectively covering a 30-year journey.  Hallelujah, Lord.  Thank you for your grace in allowing me to reflect and reminisce over so much artistry spanning so many years.  I’m humbled and grateful.  What a Legacy.

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