Hello, fellow humans!  😊 It gives me HUGE pride and TREMENDOUS gratitude to announce the impending release of my new self-produced album, Human. Visit HERE to pre-order at a discounted price!

Self-produced and sensational…

For the very first time, I produced an album myself, and I couldn’t be more excited with the results! I got some tremendous foundational help from musician friends Chris Cummings, Max Gaver, Paul Racey, Jonathan Larson, Joe Monzon, Matt Kelzenberg, and Glenn Welman, and I humbly present 11 original songs that all testify to the human condition, and the rescue that we have in Jesus Christ.  And they…are…electrifyingly Human.  In an age of evolving A.I., that’s important.  I started back in 1993 with pop music produced by someone else.  30 years later I’ve self-produced my own rock album.  My how the years have passed!  And with such evolution.  I couldn’t be more pleased with how this album turned out!  I mean it when I say that this is my best album ever produced, and I worked tremendously hard and long on it: it’s vulnerable, it’s honest, it’s powerful, and it’s hard-hitting.  I even wrote a heart-wrenching song from scratch, and played keys on it.

This is truly, by far, the best material I have ever written.

I also got to record everything in my own home voiceover studio, with a new Neumann U87 mic, and it all sounds incredible.  Paul Racey helped me put the finishing touches on everything, and I’m beyond grateful.

You can read more about Human at my website.  And – we’ve begun to perform material from it!  Our band just had a fantastic live gig on August 26th at South Lakeshore Christian Church in Tacoma.  I’m so thankful for such an awesome opportunity!

Now, let’s deal with the obvious…

YES, you can now stream these songs through Spotify, Apple Music, etc.  But each stream pays me only a few cents, so obviously streaming can’t support a music ministry.  A purchase of the actual hard copy of a CD allows you to:

  1. Receive something in the mail
  2. Enjoy a collector’s item
  3. Read the lyrics
  4. See photos
  5. Hear what went into each album, and
  6. Actually own something tangible.  You stop paying your streaming subscription, and your music goes bub-bye.

Also, every penny goes towards helping my band get out there and play live gigs.  So, by all means, stream away!  But please consider purchasing a hard copy of the CD to support me as well: you can play it, read it, save it, or give it as a gift to someone else…unlike a stream.  PLUS, you even get a bonus CD when you order.  And there are even new items to shop for, such as signed glossies and engraved keychains. Support your local artist!

Pre-Ordering Info Below

For a limited time, you can pre-order Human for only $10 plus shipping.  When the CD’s are actually in hand later this month, they will go up to $14.  Pre-order HERE !

If you’d like to sign up on my blog to be kept up-to-date on future releases and upcoming gigs, please visit my website, scroll down to the bottom and fill in your info under “Subscribe for updates from Ryan Graves!”  My website has a lot of new material on it that you might find interesting as well.

Thank you SO much for your support with the release of my new CD, Human.  I can’t tell you what your support means to me, AJ!  I look forward to mailing you out a CD…thank you in advance!


Ryan Graves


  • Congrats on releasing another one!! Nr 7! I totally agree – you keep leveling up and this one is no different (just occurred to me how weird that sounds). Haha, you did a great job on this one – great team, great result.

    I know with all the fears and panic around AI, I am a bit of an oddity. I totally get the fears, but I like AI and I like what it can do,… I do think that putting people first is an absolute must and there should be regulation that protects people from being totally ousted by AI. How that looks exactly, I’m not sure.

    • I’m not sure either, buddy! But hopefully we’ll all keep marching onward and singing our songs. All I know is, for now, I’m a Verified Human, and I plan to keep it that way.

      • Oh for sure! Even if fake AI singers take over, I still wanna be singing, even if it is a gig thing at a small restaurant doing soft jazz. #40’s, hahahaha.

        BTW, just saw the Book Ryan link – GREAT MOVE!

      • Aw, thank you man! Had to do it. I’m actively getting out there and sharing, and marketing like crazy, contacting pastors, churches, retreats, camps, festivals, etc.. Using the same techniques and approaches.

        I would love to hear your soft jazz, man! Got any recordings?

  • Actually, there is something I can send in that vein – not soft persay, but has soft elements. Will send asap! 😀


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