Announcing the impending release of HUMAN!

Well, friends and family, it’s almost here. Today, I submitted Human for mastering and CD production, and will be submitting those masters to CDBaby for digital distribution here soon as well. With an anticipated release date of 9/15/23, it’s almost here!


For the first time, this is an album that I produced myself. I’m very excited and grateful for that, and what a cool experience it was. I got some incredible material and loops to work with from my friend Chris Cummings, as well as pre-production on a few songs from Max Gaver, with final ears on it from my longtime guitarist brother Paul Racey; but it was all produced, engineered and mixed by yours truly. AND – instead of shelling out a lot of dough and recording at a big studio in Seattle, I recorded them here in my own home studio, BubbyTown Studios, on a Neumann U87 mic! (Which I, uh, shelled out a lot of dough for). Human features instrumentation by Chris Cummings, Max Gaver, Paul Racey, Jonathan Larson, Joe Monzon, Matt Kelzenberg, Glenn Welman, and yours truly on “occasional keys.” But I was so proud to, for the first time, personally produce all of it!

This album is, in my humble opinion, sick.  It’s filled with peace and strife…quiet and rage…just like, well, pretty much all of life.  As with Captive, many of these songs are about the human condition, and the rescue we have in our Savior.  Thus, Human.

I’m VERY proud to present this new CD, which I consider my best album to date. And for a limited time, it will run at a discount! The CD will eventually be priced at $14 like Legacy, but if you pre-order now, you can grab it for $10. Save some bucks and help me pay for my band!

There are also signed glossies as well as personalized keychains now available in the store as well.

Thank you for considering! PRE-ORDER HERE!

And if you missed our recent performance at South Lake Shore Christian Church this past Saturday, here is a little YouTube playlist featuring some of the works we did. Thanks and God bless you!


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