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Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer
The “Legacy” CD Cover

Hi everyone. This is a quick note straight from my new music website, www.ryangraves.us. I want to first apologize if you did not wish to receive these emails; I’ve added you in the event that you might be interested, but PLEASE feel free to remove yourself if you don’t want to receive any updates. I won’t be offended. Thank you so much!

I’ve been sharing through music since 1993. That’s 30 years! I can’t believe how time has flown. In honor of that, and to continue where we left off with my last CD, “Captive” in 2010, my longtime friend, brother and bandmate Paul Racey and I recently began work on our latest project together, entitled “Legacy.”

Legacy is a compilation CD of 17 songs, 3 of which are brand new. Through the help of my church friend Max Gaver, lead singer of the Olympia band “Oly”, I’ve got some dynamite songs to present, and it brings me so much joy to be able to present them to you in a few months. We started last year, Max and I, and Paul and I are now finishing things up with sequencing and production, and about to enter the studio phase, where we’ll record vocals on March 25th. After that, we’ll mix them properly, master them, and then send them off for packaging and duplication! After that, there may even be a concert, so stay tuned!

I want you to know that this is a passion project: I’ve paid Max, I’ve paid Paul, I’m paying for the production/duplication, and this is all on my own dime. I’m going to be donating these CD’s to our church, with the proceeds going to support World Relief. I won’t be making a dime on them, and I mean that. God has provided, and continues to provide, immeasurable bounty through my career, and this is my way to give back.

Legacy is all about just that: a legacy of songwriting. Leaving a legacy for my wife and sons. Sharing a legacy of loving Jesus and songs about Him. Commemorating a legacy of partnership with a wonderful brother, Paul. I’ll be 50 this year (I know!), and as I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan, I note that hobbits give presents to others on their birthday. So this hobbit can think of no better way than to offer an awesome gift showcasing a legacy in music, and then offering that gift to then bless World Relief.

I want to thank you for visiting this little updated website of mine, and checking out lots of history together. I LOVE Paul. I LOVE music. I LOVE my family and boys. I LOVE Jesus. I’m so grateful for Paul’s (and Max’s!) partnership in music ministry one more time, and we’re both very excited to share this with you upon its release sometime in May.

If you’d like to pre-order your copy of Legacy, feel free to visit my website and click on the “Shop” page. You can use the discount code “LEGDIS01” for $3 off! I will add you to my list and keep you posted of when the discs are in hand. They are in beautiful packaging too: full color, 17 songs, 8-page double-sided booklet, full-color tray and CD art. I can’t wait. 🙂

Again, I mean no offense in having added you to this list, and if you’d like to unsubscribe, please feel free to do so: I was trying to send out a mass mailing to friends and family and this was the easiest way.

Thanks and blessings!

Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer

Ryan Graves | Seattle Christian Rock Singer
From the “Captive” CD Release Concert

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