Performing Update, New Band, Streaming, & Grace!

Hi everyone! Sooooo…it’s been a while since I wrote, but I’m now in the process of preparing to get out there and share music with the world. To do that, I need a band! My fantastic partner in crime slash guitarist extraordinaire slash all around bromeister slash producer friend Paul Racey got me matched up with a fab foursome from a local church in Federal Way, and yesterday we had our first jam!

These guys are HOT. They’re very talented, they came prepared, and it was a super rich privilege to hear my music echoing back at me from their guitars, bass, and drums…and I can’t even begin to describe how fulfilling it was. Stay tuned for some upcoming performances!

New song “Grace”!

Check out one of the latest songs from the upcoming album, “Human” – it’s called “Grace”! Grace is something that is sometimes SO hard to give…and receive. I’d love to hear your thoughts! THANK YOU to Chris Cummings for the utterly fantastic sequencing!


In case you were unaware, all of my music is available on Spotify, and I would be SO grateful if you would play it, add it to your own playlists, and share it. That’s how we artists get paid! Stream that stuff, and may it rock your day. Check out Legacy and start streaming it by clicking on this link.

Thank you everyone. Some exciting times are ahead, and I wanted to share a quick update with you. Be blessed today!

Ryan Graves

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    • Right? Thanks Jim! I’m utterly stoked and so very grateful. These guys rock. Making music with them is going to be nothing short of extraordinary.

  • I wanted to say hi! Now I get to here!

    Great news on the band! I hope you and the band hit it big – I do hear a more and more commercial sound as you go – the potential is definitely there for this to be very successful!

    Very cool!! My fav part is that “heeeeeey” part in the background. It just lifts that section. It stood out because I struggle with coming up with that kinda stuff, hehe. Overall, well done too – that just stood out, hehe.

    Have a stunning day!! 😀

    • Hey Marius!! Thank you my friend! I don’t have lofty aspirations to get signed or anything, just to really be able to get these songs out there. I so long to share them. Thank you Lord! And thanks for the “lift” of this comment in its own right! I miss commenting with you. Bless you buddy!


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