A Quick Update about something AWESOME!

***UPDATE: Decided against this. Thanks to all of you who pre-pledged, and thank you for considering, I deeply appreciate it! This would have ultimately been fairly redundant what with my existing album pursuit (“Human”), and a fairly overlarge investment considering what I would have received from it, so I have abandoned this pursuit. Again, thank you to all who considered supporting me in this!

I’m writing this post today about a dream…and an AWESOME opportunity. Something really unique and incredible has come up, and I ask you to give this post a read, because I have what is, for me, some super exciting news.

Out of a pool of candidates, I’ve been personally chosen and granted an incredible opportunity to travel to Boston and record a brand-new studio album with Plaid Dog Studios, recording and producing a new CD with them! For this, they use a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds I need to make this happen. This will involve creating a web page where people can learn more about my project and make contributions to help fund the trip and the recording expenses for this new album. That’s where you come in.

Now, I’ve done this multiple times in my life. I’ve raised funds for my very first album, Servant back in 1997. I’ve raised funds for mission trips to Italy and Venezuela. But this is different. Over the past few months, I’ve become increasingly convinced that God is calling me back into music, and I have an incredible opportunity to be produced professionally.  As before, friends and family play a huge role in getting these projects off the ground, and I’m contributing to it as well. Your support early in the process will help inspire a bigger response from my community-at-large once I start promoting my campaign. In order words, I really would love to ask for your help. While I’m not collecting actual sponsorships yet, I’m reaching out to a few family members and friends who are among my closest supporters to help me secure the seed funds I need to ensure my campaign is successful.

Would you prayerfully consider supporting me in this? Writing and performing music has been a passion of mine since I was a kid. But over the last 13 years I let my passion slip into the background in order to become the husband and father I needed to become. Since joining our new church in 2022, God has been steadily stirring and rekindling the dream of making and performing music, including the release of my recent album, “Legacy.”  There’s no escaping it: I’m a born performer, singer, and lyricist. I always have been. Right now, I am really trying to explore music again, as A.I. is becoming a threat to all voiceover artists and their careers. I don’t have any delusions of grandeur, and my aims are grounded in realism, but I’ve always been able to provide for my family through pursuing my dreams, and I’d like to continue doing so with both voiceovers and music. Deep in my heart, I truly, truly, long to pursue music, and I genuinely feel God leading me in that direction again.

If you can have a few minutes to visit the link below and let me know if and how much you might be able to contribute when my campaign launches, I would be immeasurably grateful. You can consider from a suggested pledge amount or write-in your own custom amount. Please know from my heart that ANY support you consider is greatly appreciated beyond measure.  And if you know of anyone else who might want to contribute, feel free to pass it on.

I would genuinely love to foot the entire bill (unknown as of yet) myself, but I have been encouraged to seek sponsors for this as Plaid Dog Studios helps with all marketing. I am scheduled for a Zoom meeting with them on Wednesday July 5th, so if you’re able to consider a pledge by then, that would be appreciated beyond words. Thank you, all of you, from my heart, for considering helping me provide for my family as a husband and a father through the pursuit of my dreams.

Please visit https://www.plaiddogrecording.com/ryan-graves to find out more.

Again, thank you SO MUCH for considering. 😊


Ryan Graves

[email protected] ∙ 206-558-8000

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